Anki: Soze’s Step 1 Master Deck (Update 2)

I’m really glad (and a little surprised) that many have found my Step 1 Anki deck useful. Due to the way I constructed many of the cards, which at times require recollection of long lists of symptoms and side effects, I figured most people would get frustrated with the deck and swiftly kick it to their computer’s trash bin.

The deck is pretty different from Bros/Zanki at times, so before downloading I’d recommend reading my “guide” and explanation of the deck here: Anki: Soze’s Step 1 Master Deck. I find that I understand and retain topics better from quizzing myself with in-depth (harder) questions compared to more cards with one fact per card. Some cards will be difficult (and frustrating) at first, but this helps me compartmentalize disease presentations, side effects, mechanisms, etc. And from the responses I’ve received, it seems that a good amount of people feel the same way, so I’m happy that I have helped in some capacity.

As I stated in that original post, I created the deck without any idea that I’d be sharing it at some point, so I didn’t make cards for every fact or every video I watched. For example, if I watched a video on cardiovascular physiology and understood the principles, I probably didn’t make many cards for that video. Anyone who uses the deck should fill in the gaps and add cards as they see fit. Also, sometimes when I’ve been studying all day, I’m prone to making a messy card here and there, so I have been periodically going through the cards to “clean them up” a bit.

Anyways, here’s what’s new:

  1. Subdecks – Again, the deck was originally created without knowing I’d be sharing it, so as I went through each system, every card and subject was located in one massive deck. (In my first update, I had added subdecks for Hematology and Reproductive systems, so it may have appeared to some users that only Heme and Repro were downloaded).
  2. Musculoskeletal – Musculoskeletal section has been completed. I wanted to add one thing – for many of the anatomy videos, I selectively made cards based on what I presumed would be “high yield”. For example, I wouldn’t ask “list all the muscles innervated by the radial nerve”, but rather “what are the presenting symptoms of radial nerve lesions?” Hope that makes sense.

Next, I’ll be tackling Neuro then Derm. Afterwards I’ll hit the “general” subjects like Genetics, Immunology, etc. So stay tuned and check back for updates if you like the deck.

Also, remember that this deck is not a substitute for learning and topics like physiology do not lend themselves well to Anki cards. I highly recommend purchasing a subscription to Dr. Ryan’s Boards and Beyond (read my review here) and supplementing the videos with the Anki deck of your choice. In my opinion, no Anki deck can replace spoken and visual explanation, so use a pre-made Anki deck (mine, Zanki, Bros) or create your own to use as a companion to your learning; not as your main source.

Here’s the link to my updated deck:

Soze’s Step 1 Master Deck (Update 2)


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  1. Just here to thank you for this amazing deck!
    Started using it mid September and my exam is on January and it has helped me a lot! I appreciate your efforts in sharing and editing the cards.


  2. For the record, your tid bit commentary on your cards make it so much more amazing! i laughed a few times, and at the right times! AMAZING JOB!!!! thank you soo much!


  3. Your Boards and Beyond cards are really good! I liked it a lot! When do you think you will be updating with neuro cards? Thanks a lot!


    1. I’m glad you like it! And actually, thanks for reminding me – I’ve been super busy this week and totally forgot, check the home page in like 20 minutes and I’ll have it posted


  4. Currently doing B&B, I just found your deck it is amazing. When do you think you’ll have B&B completed entirely and how long has it taken you? Thank you so much for sharing it is a lifesaver!


    1. Thanks for reaching out. Hard to say when it’ll be completed – I’m currently working on neuro & genetics. I’d say I’ll have all systems “done” within the month, but after I’m done I’ll be going through and adding stuff I may have missed. I started in November, so it’s taken longer than I expected, but based on Uworld performance it has really paid off.


      1. I found your cards late.They are great. I am taking test this Sunday, 22nd. If you are done neuro could you please update. Thanks man


  5. I just discovered your deck. It is fabulous. I had been making my own FC from B&B videos, but using your deck is saving me time. Excellently organized and well structured. I look forward to future updates!


      1. I found your cards late.They are great. I am taking test this Sunday, 22nd. If you are done neuro could you please update. Thanks man


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