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Daily Dose: 5 Tips to Improve Day-to-Day Life in Medical School

Recently a user on Reddit asked me if I had any day-to-day advice for success and happiness in medical school. Novel question no doubt, I thought about for a second and realized – hell yeah I do.

When I give advice to medical students on my blog, I’m usually thinking of the big concepts:

This is all good stuff, if I may say so myself. However, I often find myself thinking, damn, this is a good piece of advice I can give to my readersbut it’s not important enough to write an entire post on. So, I’ve decided to do something different. From this day forward, I will be Tweeting a daily small tip with the hashtag #dailydose to help you improve your day-to-day life in medical school. In this post, I’ll preview a few of those tips.  If you find them helpful, follow me on Twitter for more: @JordanSoze