21 pilots suck

Do People Actually Like 21 Pilots?

Do people actually like 21 Pilots?  Or is this some sort of joke?  Am I missing the punchline?

I won’t lie, I’ve only heard about five 21 Pilots songs, but they were bad enough to cement the fact that I would rather jump out of a car speeding down the highway than have to sit through an entire album of that garbage.

21 Pilots sound like they would’ve fit very nicely into my Myspace profile when I was 12.  However, I am not 12, and I don’t have a Myspace account, so the band (can you even call them that?) named 21 Pilots has no place in my life.

They seem to have made their rise to stardom by tricking youngsters into thinking they’re good.  Pretty sure this Tyler Joseph dude sits down to write lyrics and thinks, ‘hmmm what’s the cheesiest thing I could possibly write?’


his bike

I mean, come on.  That has to be a joke right?  Yikes.

They sound like if Eminem grew up in the suburbs and had a taste for shitty EDM.  In fact, these guys probably thought the Marshall Mathers LP 2 was a good album.

He then scribbled down “Car Radio” and thought, ‘this is fucking terrible, the kids’ll love it!’  Preying on the tasteless minds of our nation’s youth.

From what I’ve heard, 21 Pilots is really sick live.  Apparently during their performances, the singer climbs up on the rafters and starts rapping from up top.  I’m not saying I wish it upon him, but I’m also not saying I wouldn’t laugh hysterically if he were to fall someday.  That would be quite the spectacle.

I guess if your music is that bad, you need to do something to distract the crowd from how stupid your lyrics are.  Very tactical, maybe this guy isn’t so dumb after all.

However, despite all of my obvious distaste for this group, I do believe they have some redeeming qualities.  Well, maybe only one quality – I’ve come to notice that quite a high number of hot girls happen to like them.  So, if you were at a music festival and felt so inclined, it might not be a bad idea to head over to the 21 Pilots show to see if you can pick up a cute girl, permitting you have some downtime and you are drunk enough to tolerate the music (.14 BAC minimum).

What’s really strange to me is that this group seems to have a pretty high degree of indie cred (that sounds pretty lame).

Like brunch, I guess there are some things in life that I will never understand.

Moving on.