Anki: Soze’s Step 1 Master Deck (Update 3)

This is the third update of my Step 1 Anki deck. If this is your first time reading or hearing about my deck, I suggest checking out my original post in which I explain the deck – Anki: Soze’s Step 1 Master Deck(It’s different than the Zanki/Bros style).

Also, I feel that it’s important to point out that this deck should be used as a review and companion to your studying. I think I leave out a lot of the basic or foundational stuff. This deck is best used as a supplement to watching Boards and Beyond videos or as a review of the heavy-hitting topics emphasized by Dr. Ryan after you’ve completed his video course. I highly recommend Boards and Beyond to all med students, including first years. You can read my full review on it here – Boards & Beyond: A Review of Medical School’s Best Kept Secret

Here’s the link: Soze’s Step 1 Master Deck (V3)

Anyways, here’s what’s new…


I have finally completed Neuro. Feels good man. Before downloading, I wanted to mention a few things – Neurology was the first chapter I completed in Boards and Beyond, but I didn’t start making the deck until afterwards. This run-through was more of a review for me, so I didn’t make cards for all the simple facts that I remembered easily. Also, I left out a decent bit of pharm. Here are some specifics:

  1. I did not make cards for the autonomic pharmacology. Many of the other drugs (anti-epileptics, glaucoma drugs) are only superficially covered based on what I felt I needed to remember. For instance, I have a card asking “which 4 anti-epileptic drugs can cause Steven-Johnson Syndrome” but I don’t have a card asking what the method of action of Ethosuximide is.
  2. Brainstem lesions/stroke syndromes – While I am more than happy to share my deck and help others, I don’t make cards for every point just for “completeness” sake. For example, brainstem lesions. Dr. Ryan explains brainstem lesions so well in his “Rule of 4’s” video that it didn’t really make any sense to transform the video into Anki cards. I did make cards for vascular supply (eg, basilar artery to medial pons), weird lesions, exceptions, and syndromes (eg, Benedikt Syndrome, Perinaud, etc).
  3. As always, there were a lot of “basic” facts that I didn’t make cards for. For example, I’m not going to make a card asking what dystonia is or which information is carried in the dorsal column/medial lemniscus, because those sorts of question are simple and just take time away from reviewing harder stuff.


I’m about 50% done with genetics. Most cards in the genetics section are on pathologies. I’ll have this section finished in the next update.

Subdecks & General Improvements

If you’re still using one of the two original versions, you’ll see that the latest updates have all cards stratified by subject, which was not the case before. Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, when I do my cards every day, I try to tweak them a little bit to make them cleaner and more universal. Of course, feel free to alter the cards to your liking.


Download the updated version here: Soze’s Step 1 Master Deck (V3)


What’s Next?

Currently working on derm and hating every single minute of it. Since it’s short, I’ll probably wait to update until I have completed derm, genetics, and immunology.

That’s all for now. I’d say check back in a week for the next update, but we all know I’m lying and it’ll probably be two. If you don’t want to keep checking back, you can follow me on twitter (@jordansoze) to see when I’ve posted the next update.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to email me, leave a comment, or shoot me a message on Twitter. Best of luck to everyone out there.


  1. Thank you so much! I love the deck but there’s a lot of images that don’t show up and just have the little icon instead of the image. Do you know if there’s a way to fix this? Thank you!


  2. Thanks so much for making this deck. Is this (version 3) the last update or is there another update with the last few sections of boards and beyond material covered?


  3. Read your journey to a 250+ on here back at the beginning of M2, how did I never discover this deck existed till now? THIS is the kinda Anki deck I want, not a bloated deck that gives me anxiety to see the number of cards I need to get through in the day.

    Currently had the same anxiety attack realizing I’m retaining zero from Neuro, just nodding along to Jason Ryan (deapite coming back a week early and dedicating the week to relearning Neuro). So, in short, thank you.


  4. Hello im actually having trouble opening your flash cards. I downloaded the file nd i think it says what file to open it and it open in wordpad it doesnt work. I logged into Anki site and tried again to download it no luck thanks


    1. Do you mean as in your school gives subject NBME exams as your block final? If so can’t comment on that, but I’ve taken Nbme CBSSA 15-17 and they’ve been really light on neuro imo


  5. Thanks for sharing your cards! Is there a way to filter cards based on each video? All the cards seemed like it is in a random order.


  6. Thank you so much for sharing your deck! Is there a way to filter the card based on each video? Right now all the cards seems to be out of order. Did you tag the cards by any chance? Thanks again!


    1. That would’ve been a good idea, but I didn’t originally think I’d be sharing the deck so I didn’t add tags. If you go to a specific subdeck (B&B chapter) and sort them by date, most should follow along with the order of B&B videos (though not always).


    1. Thanks man. Hard to say, I’ve technically “finished” B&B so I could do another update soon. But there were definitely lazy days where I didn’t make many cards, so throughout dedicated I’ll probably keep adding little stuff I missed. So I’ll post the final version after my test, mid-late June


    1. I know I’m late but thanks man, I felt like those decks with 25,000+ cards was like doing 50 sets of bench pressing the bar when you can add some weight and do 3 sets to get a similar result


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